Being Called to Change – Perceptions Part II

Change begins with contemplation, as We recommended in our last communication.

The contemplation of perspectives begins with noticing your views of the world; your expectations of outcomes; your leanings left, right and center. 

Your perspectives (also considered by some as your assumptions about living on the Earth plane) determine all about your experiences and, as such, also determine the value you bring to the Universe…The Divine/The All.

In response to your earlier noted questions, We, the Mountains of the World, share:

Which perspectives are being called to change?

  • Any perspective that is a lower frequency in its interactions with the beings of the Earth plane.  Whether you prefer to or not, you know which of your perspectives are keeping you at a lower frequency.  If the frequency of the perspective is low…if it causes you stress or concern…then We recommend you raise the perspective.

How do you go about making the change?

  • It is recommended you change your perspective through alignment.  If, in any situation of a lower frequency, you are able to shift your frequency to a higher level…even only a modicum of higher…you have made a change.  From this different perspective you then able to view the event/situation/scenario differently.  And change occurs.

How will you know when you have made the change?

  • You will know you have made a change via your physical body.  You will feel differently…lighter, more in tune with the Universe…in alignment with your Hybrid knowing.

How do you retain the changed perspective (not returning to your Human experiences)?

  • You will know you are retaining the change in perspective based upon the feeling(s) you have as they relate to the scenario.  A lighter, more aligned feeling indicates you are in concert with your Hybrid-ness.  A heavier, more negative feeling indicates you are in concert with your Humanness.  We recommend you select Hybrid

You will encounter many nuances as you shift your perspectives on a wide range of topics.  In every case, lighter is more aligned!

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