Being Called to Change – Awarenesses

As our time together is coming to a close (for now), We, the Mountains of the World, consider it important to remind you of the need for you to be aware…

  • Of your thoughts.
  • Of your actions.
  • Of your Hybrid-ness.
  • Of your Human programming.
  • Of your desire (or lack of desire) to be Human.
  • Of your desire (or lack of it) to be your Hybrid Self.

Although simply stated, these awarenesses are not necessarily simple.  They are awarenesses of each moment and each breath; of each thought and action; of each programming (old and new) you are living.

It is only with your awareness of these that you are able to truly live into your Hybrid knowing.

You are an Aware and Awake Hybrid…Live in your Knowing.

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