Hallmarks that Do Not Represent a Hybrid

As important as it is to be aware of the Hallmarks of a Hybrids, particularly an Aware and Awake Hybrid, is it equally important to know what does not identify a being as a Hybrid.

Specifically, We, the Mountains of the World, would like to share the following list of items that do not provide a clue to whether another Soul is Hybrid or not.

  • There are no particular careers for Hybrids…all Souls choose their career paths based upon their intentions for the life iteration
  • Money management or the lack of such is not an indicator of a Hybrid
  • Choice of lifestyle or sexual preference is not an indicator of a Hybrid… all communities of souls are represented within the Hybrid groups
  • There are no particular body types or manners of keeping the physical body healthy that are Hybrid indicators
  • There are no particular geographic areas Hybrids are drawn to…rather they are dispersed to their specific locations due to their intentions for the life iteration
  • There is not a particular ‘look’ to a Hybrid…other than the positive energy typically emanating from the Soul
  • Hybrids are no more health conscious than Humans…this said, they often live longer due to their Luman Soul DNA and their earth iteration intentions.  If you read of a Human who has outlived most while still living a particularly unhealthy lifestyle, you may be hearing about a Hybrid

Although this list is not extensive, We believe it answers some of your more ego-based questions regarding how Hybrids are ‘better’ than Humans.  In Our opinion, the selection of an amount of Luman Soul DNA is a very good decision when possible AND it is not an indication of how the Soul will live on the Earth plane.

Rather, a Hybrid is known by their energy, talents, and ability to change the world.

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