Hybrids in Judgement

As We, the Mountains of the World, noted in Our last communication, it is not unusual for Hybrids (due to the many Earth iterations you have each had and the time you spent understanding yourself as a Human during this iteration). 

Judging is a very Human quality. Saying this, We are not talking about the judging that happens to keep you from physically running into something or having someone or something run into you.

By judging We are referring to judging as it relates to perceptions of good and bad, etc.

As a Hybrid, you have very little use for Judging.

As a Human, you are conditioned to judge and often comment on what you judged and whether you judged it as good or bad.

Judging is a Human trait leftover from lifetimes as a Human; Uses great deals of energy when the judging is negative; Can be easily reframed to non-judging or neutral awareness; And is not necessary…although you may find it fun.

We recommend:

  • You notice your judging and reframe it to a simple awareness
  • The reframing allows you to release the energy you are using while you are judging
  • By releasing this energy, you (the A&A Hybrid you) are better able to impact the Earth plane and all of its inhabitants in the manner you (the A&A Hybrid you) came to do.
  • Thus You can relax and more easily live as the Hybrid you intend.

Notice; Release; Relax!

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