With Awareness comes Action!

With each awareness comes action…the action of being satisfied with your awareness and acting accordingly OR the action of not being satisfied and making whatever changes you feel (not think) appropriate.

These are the questions/considerations We, the Mountains of the World, recommend you ask yourself for each and every action (and in-action):

  1. Is this action a Hybrid action or is based in your Human programming?
  2. Is this action one you feel comfortable (again…feel) or are you uncomfortable taking this action?
    1. The follow up to this question for either answer is ‘Why?’
  3. What action have you not taken and why?
    1. If you feel safety is a reason for not taking an action…We concur and would then ask you…’How could you take an appropriate action and feel physically/psychologically safe?’

At the end of each Earth day, reflect upon how you lived that day…what percentage of the time did you live as your Human programming and what percentage of the time did you live as your Hybrid self.   As each of you have a unique Human/Luman Soul DNA mix, a unique level of evolution,  and a unique Soul intention, the number is not of value.  The focus is on living as much in your Hybrid knowing as you are able. 

If you take the actions which allow you to live your Hybridness to the max…

We thank you!

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