Another Gauge: Your Level of Energy

As We, the Mountains of the World, have indicated, there are a number of indicators for aware and awake Hybrids to know when they are operating from Hybrid Knowing or from Human programming.

The third of those is your personal energy level. 

  • When your energy is high…when you are energized by a situation…you can feel comfortable that the event or decision or whatever created your energy is in alignment with who you, as a Hybrid, came to experience. 
  • When your energy is low…We recommend you reassess your decision.  In some instances you may not be able to shift a decision and in most situations (as We perceive them) you are able to. 
    • When you recognize a low energy situation and hear yourself say ‘but I should…’, then you are in what We understand is considered a double negative situation which does not create a positive!  You are dealing with low energy and attempting to convince yourself of the correctness of your Human programming by layering ‘shoulds’ on the situation!
  • If you are doubtful about your energy level, simply stop for a moment and feel…not your emotions as we noted earlier…your energy level! 

If you have any doubt, simply stop for a moment, and feel your body…your energy…your attitude.  This is the way to check on your energy level.

Staying energized is so important for a Hybrid.  Check your energy level frequently.


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