Knowing and Programming in Alignment

And finally, We, the Mountains of the World, would like to remind you…

When your knowing and programming are in alignment, you will feel great, know life is good, and have incredible energy.  You will be in alignment.  This does not mean it may not be an alignment of your Hybrid Knowing and Human Programming for these two may well be in concert.

When your knowing and programming are NOT in alignment, you will feel bad, hear yourself insisting you ‘should’, and your energy level will be low.  That is when you may well be in alignment with your Human programming and not with your Hybrid alignment.

As a final note, when you, an aware and awake Hybrid, continually keep yourself at low energy by following your Human programming, do not be surprised if you become physically sick or even psychologically upset with life. 

Once you have accepted your Hybrid-ness, trying to hide and align to only your Human programming create dis-ease!


We, The Mountains of the World, now have a second website – https://murmurs of where We share the latest book (Human, Hybrid or Luman, Becoming a Positive Force in Transitional Times) This book is available in both e-book and print on demand at and is an organized compilation of the first two Earth years of blogs on Humans, Hybrid and Lumen.  This site also offers tools such as a Hybrid Assessment tool ( and a contact form to connect with BE Joye, who is offering Hybrid Coaching sessions.

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