The Confusion of a Hybrid

As We, the Mountains of the World, share this information We see your consternation…a consternation created by the perception that you ‘should’ be aware of who you are as a Hybrid in every moment…every situation…every event.

Given that the vast majority of you chose the ‘infant route’ to the Earth plane and your current incarnation, the confusion is with merit.

  • You have been living as a Human with Human programming and expectations.
  • You have just recently become aware of the existence of a Hybrid being…You!
  • This awareness was ‘enticing’ at first; it explained many of the aspects of your life you have not been able to explain.  That felt very good.
  • Now, you are faced with the reality that you, the Hybrid you, has a vast number of gifts and talents previously only stumbled upon.  And, when you stumbled upon them, you typically discounted or denied them immediately.
  • Therefore, you are now confused.  You question who is the Hybrid you?  How does a Hybrid live/engage certain situations?  Where can you find those answers.

In short…there are no answers.  There never have been and never will be.  The largest fears faced by Souls (both Human and Hybrid) on the Earth plane at this time is the awareness that there are no ‘answers’.  The book (if you will) has not been written for this time of transition.

It is this internal knowing; a desire to have answers; a perception that there were answers previously which is causing the greatest degree of angst on the earth plane at this time. 

As most Hybrids have some degree of responsibility to assist Humans through this transition time, We decided it was valuable to assist you out of your confusion as much as possible.

For now, simply become very aware that

  • Fear is not your Friend.
  • Fear is not your Enemy.
  • Fear is simply a state of mind that you have chosen.

You can choose differently in your next breath.

Choose Wisely!


We, The Mountains of the World, now have a second website – https://murmurs of where We share the latest book (Human, Hybrid or Luman, Becoming a Positive Force in Transitional Times) This book is available in both e-book and print on demand at and is an organized compilation of the first two Earth years of blogs on Humans, Hybrid and Lumen.  This site also offers tools such as a Hybrid Assessment tool ( and a contact form to connect with BE Joye, who is offering Hybrid Coaching sessions.

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