Hallmarks of a Hybrid Continued

We, the Mountains of the World, thank those of you who did contemplate how you are living in your Hybridness and where you might not be. We remind you that not living a Hybrid Hallmark may indicate one of three scenarios or a combination of them all.

We resume to the list of Hybrid Hallmarks:

  • Hybrids are generally humanitarian in approach…they typically see a broader horizon than most Humans
  • Hybrids are not confused about their sexuality…they are very aware that they are a Soul in a physical body.  Once the physical body is no longer a definition of the Soul, it no longer creates any confusion
  • Hybrids tend to be less fear driven than most Humans
  • Hybrids live in possibilities…this creates less need to be ‘right’ in Human encounters/conversations
  • Hybrids are aware of their knowing and honor their knowing as theirs without the need to foist it upon others around them

Each of the Hallmarks We have shared is a topic within itself as each Hallmark can appear differently depending upon the Soul, the degree of Luman Soul DNA, the moment, and the Human programming still in place. 

Consider your perspective on each of these, how you display or don’t, and what you have been hiding from yourself (and others). In general, how are you living your Hybridness? 

As you contemplate this, We will continue with Hallmarks that do not represent a Hybrid.

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