Hallmarks of a Hybrid

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to remind you of a few of the hallmarks of a Hybrid. During our communications, We have noted several and have not mentioned others.  Let us begin with a significant Hallmark of Hybrids list. Please be aware that the degree of each of these ‘Hallmarks’ will depend upon the amount of Luman Soul DNA and the degree to which the Hybrid is Aware and Awake (A&A).

  • Hybrids are catalysts for change…typically not through a violent process.  Often Hybrids create change subtly with most around them unaware of the change occurring
  • Hybrids are spiritually connected to The Divine/The All and know such
  • Hybrids are living multi-dimensionally
  • Hybrids believe in and trust the perfection of the Universe
  • Hybrids tend to be optimistic and question everything around them…these two traits are not in conflict…rather they augment each other
  • Hybrids are reluctant to deal in Dogma
  • Hybrids are comfortable looking other Hybrids in the eye…they may be less comfortable dealing with Humans, depending upon the Human intention

Before We go further, We recommend you consider the Hallmarks of Hybrids that have been shared and consider how you display your Hybridness and where you do not.  Where you do not may speak to either your earth interatom intention, your degree of Luman Soul DNA and Soul evolution level, or when you return to your Human programming.

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