Relating to Humans as Your Optimized Hybrid Self – Part 3

Thus far We, the Mountains of the World, have shared only limited possibilities.  We would now like to share the fulness of what you are asked to provide to the more evolved Humans on the Earth plane.  

The more evolved Humans on the Earth plane and the less awake Hybrids on the Earth plane are both benefitted by simply being in the company of an A&A (again, Aware and Awake) Hybrid.  The energy you resonate when you are living from this place is enough to awaken their evolutionary knowing and their Hybrid tendencies.

Further, and only if you feel called upon to do so, you may find yourself explaining concepts well beyond anything you (the conscious you) know you have been aware of.  This is what We and The Divine/The All consider a win-win-win as

  • It awakens those with whom you are sharing.
  • It often awakens you further as you bring voice to concepts you have not previously considered (consciously).
  • We and The Universe are able to create these concepts in your consciousness so you can bring them forth in more than a thought form.  The energy of your speaking is many times more dynamic than the energy of your thoughts (which are significant as they are!)

You might ask how you will know whom you are speaking to….

            The answer is simple…trust your knowing your Aware and Awake Hybrid Knowing.

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