Relating to Humans as Your Optimized Hybrid Self – Part 2

As an A&A (Aware and Awake) Hybrid, you have now released or, at minimum, shifted your focus from the lower evolutionary level Souls to the ‘mid-evolved’ Souls who have no Luman Soul DNA (totally Human).

As an A&A Hybrid, these souls will appear as ‘nice folks’ with ‘little to no soul vision’.

What do We, the Mountains of the World, mean by ‘Soul Vision’? We mean that they do not see beyond the Earth plane as a possibility to impact in this lifetime.  This is not a limitation for them as they are not evolved to the point of having the possibility of Luman Soul DNA, thus not the possibility of perceiving beyond their current lifetime.  This does not mean they don’t accept or relate to the concept of ‘Heaven and Hell’…they do.  They relate to them as the dogma of a belief, not something that is intrinsic in their Soul nature. 

When you encounter a Human with a ‘mid-evolved’ Soul, you, the A&A Hybrid you, can have impact.  These Humans are typically able to understand expanded concepts and the perception of life beyond Earth…not in the same way you may…and they are able to accept the concept (typically).

For these individuals, you, the A&A Hybrid you, are asked to support them in expanding their understanding of reality beyond the third dimension into the fourth and the possibilities available.

Beyond this, there is little for you to do. Further explanation tends to create confusion.

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