Relating to Humans as Your Optimized Hybrid Self

If all relating is from our own perspective, how does an A&A Hybrid continue to relate to the human population? This is a question We, the Mountains of the World, hear many of you asking.  It is a good question.

As an A&A (Awake and Aware) Hybrid you will likely find it difficult to relate to Humans who are low on the evolution scale.  This is due to the fact that they and you are on totally different wave lengths.

All souls begin their soul experiencing at a very low vibrational level.  There are always a large number of this type of soul at any evolutionary location (locations in the Universe designed to support the evolution of the Soul.  The Earth plane is one of those locations.

When you encounter a lower evolutionary level Soul, you will probably encounter a great deal of ‘drama’ in the form of anger, victimhood, and overall frustration with everything they encounter. 

These are the souls you are not intended to assist from a ‘Hybrid’ perspective.  Your best approach is a Human approach (yes, sometimes that is the best) and one of calm and positive focus. 

We do not recommend you spend much time with these Souls.  They have a long awakening ahead of them (many, many iterations) and are best left to their own learning.

Release and shift your focus to the more advanced souls…

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