Impact of the Proximity to an Optimized Hybrid

We, the Mountains of the World, have been speaking to you as a Hybrid, providing information on how best to optimize the ‘Psychosis of Your Hybrid Self’.  We perceive the information provided has been at times difficult to assimilate…at other times challenging to consider…and at a few times downright frightening.  We appreciate the magnitude of what has been shared and the speed with which we shared it.

We would now like to address the impact to Human who are in close proximity to an Aware and Awake Hybrid…especially and Aware and Awake Hybrid who has begun to optimize themselves and their Hybrid psychosis.

As you proceed in assimilating the information We have provided, be aware that those Humans, especially those who are of low soul evolution level, will likely begin to drop away from your sphere of influence and friends.  This is due to the natural progression of likes-attracting-likes. 

We wanted to share this phenomenon with you to prepare you for the subtle changes that are currently occurring and will continue to occur.  The more you accept and live the aspects of your Hybrid self, the more this will occur. It is natural; it can be sad; and it frees you to accomplish what you as a soul came to accomplish. 

Wish all well on their soul’s journey and travel your own Hybrid road!

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