Optimizing the Psychosis of Engagement with ‘The Ethers’ Part II

We, the Mountains of the World, hope you considered your choice and chose to live as the Aware and Awake Hybrid being you are.  If you chose something other, We ask you to reconsider…

Having made a choice to move forward as your Hybrid Self, it is incumbent upon Us to provide you with the process to do so.

We recommend you immediately

  • STOP whatever it is you are doing
  • LISTEN to the information being provided…no matter how fanciful or mundane it may sound
  • if needed, ASK why you are being provided with this information
  • or CONFIRM why you believe you are being provided the information
  • and TAKE the ACTION implicit in the sharing.

This is the process to optimize your engagement with ‘The Ethers’…The Divine/The All…or whatever name you use to reference the energies of the spheres. 

A few words of assurance…

  • You will not be requested to engage in any activity not conducive to your physical earth body and its safety
  • You already possess the ‘knowing’ to accomplish what is being requested
  • Mundane actions are often more valuable to The Universe than some of the more elaborate or dynamic actions
  • After your first engagement, you will be delighted and wish you had engaged before…

Stop…Listen…Ask/Confirm…and Take the Action

Easy Peasy…Hybrid Breezy!!!

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