Hybrid’s Role during Chaos Continued

As We, the Mountains of the World, shared in our last communication, the Hybrid you know you are always able to impact any situation on the Earth plane (and beyond).  This knowing allows you, the Hybrid you,

  • To expand your perception of what may or may not be happening.
  • To consider how what appears to be negative (or positive) on the Earth plane to be something other.
  • And, with this knowing, to engage your Hybrid energy flow.

This energy flow is most powerful when a Hybrid is in this state of connection with all that is possible. 

When directing energy, We highly encourage only ‘highest and best’ thinking with an awareness that the Human mind does not know how The Universe/The All defines Highest and Best in any situation.

With this framework and direction, a Hybrid can create great impact in any Earth plane situation. 

We recommend you read and re-read Our last two communications and begin practicing ‘Hybrid Impact’ as the chaos on the Earth plane is expected to continue for some time.

Thank you for your powerful energy impacts!

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