Hybrid’s Role during Chaos

We, the Mountains of the World, have chosen to interrupt the flow of information regarding the Psychosis of a Hybrid and instead share a bit about the role of a Hybrid during times of Chaos.

To begin, if you are feeling victimized by any action or actions taken or purportedly taken by someone that may change the energies of the Earth plane, you are in your Human self…not your Hybrid self. 

            The Hybrid aspects of you can feel a lot of emotions…none of them victim!

Once you understand you are experiencing the event from your Human aspect, you can then make a decision to stay in your Human or shift to your Hybrid self.

  • An aware and awake (A&A) Hybrid is well aware they can have impact on any situation. 
  • An aware and awake Hybrid is able to impact any situation through the purest channel…energy.
  • An aware and awake Hybrid knows they may not be aware of the plan as perceived by The Divine/The All/The Universe. 
  • With this awareness, and moving beyond the Human aspects of yourself, you, the Hybrid you, are able to put into action a healing for the situation.

As you ponder this information, We recommend you shift between your Human aspects and your Hybrid aspects to feel the different in your response.

More in a bit…


We, The Mountains of the World, now have a second website – https://murmurs of mountains.com where We share the latest book (Human, Hybrid or Luman, Becoming a Positive Force in Transitional Times) This book is available in both e-book and print on demand at Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09QF79RQ9?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860 and is an organized compilation of the first two Earth years of blogs on Humans, Hybrid and Lumen.  This site also offers tools such as a Hybrid Assessment tool (https://www.murmursofmountains.com/tools).

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