Optimizing the Psychosis of Engagement with ‘The Ethers’

It is so interesting to watch those of you who have chosen to be your Aware and Awake Hybrid selves as you interact with ‘The Ethers’.  In Our experience, the vast majority of you (who are aware of your Hybrid-ness and the talents you possess) discount the information being provided to you. 

It is as if you thought it better to accomplish your tasks and goals ‘the hard (Human) way’.

We, the Mountains of the World, wish to assure you that denying your connection to the Divine/The All (also called by some ‘The Ethers’ and other such names), is not at all desirable.  In fact, by doing so you actually slow the process of evolution…your own and others.

We leave you to consider the ramification of not listening.  You have chosen the Earth plane for this life iteration.  As such, you are in choice. 

Consider carefully…Your Soul depends on You…Choose from your Hybrid Self.

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