Optimizing the Psychosis of Disengagement (with Humanity)

Congratulations to those of you who utilized the recent pandemic to redefine your external engagement needs as more ‘introverted’ than may have been obvious in the past! Very creative and forward thinking on your part!

One of the more consistent changes as a Hybrid becomes aware and awake on the Earth plane is the need for less Human engagement.  Even those of you who have historically sought out engagement will find it less necessary.  Your energy engagement is shifting from the Human population to the Hybrid/Luman/Other engagement.

We, the Mountains of the World, wish to:

  • Make you aware of this very likely shift in your energy needs
  • Thus allowing you to experience this change with different awareness
  • Which opens you, your energy, and your focus to the new engagement groups
  • Thus positioning you for further ‘hybridization’

What could be more valuable?????

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