Optimizing the Psychosis of Changing Body Sensitivities

As We, the Mountains of the World, discussed, it is highly likely you, the aware and awake Hybrid you, have been and will continue to notice changes in how your body’s response to the world of external stimuli. 

At first, this may appear to set you apart from other Humans and, in fact, other Hybrids.  And it does. 

As long as you are going to be ‘set apart’, We believe you have an opportunity to begin relating differently.  In fact, We encourage you to begin relating as your Hybrid self.  The Human population can logically conceive of changes in taste, sleep, resilience, etc.  Often, they will categorize it as recent stress you (or they) have been under, etc.  Attempting to explain the cause of the change to them will likely prove fruitless and potentially detrimental.

We encourage you to use their ability to rationalize the change in your physical responses (no matter the rational they concoct) and align their concocted explanation to your changes in thinking/acting/and responding to the world at large.

It is not uncommon for a Luman to ‘blend in’ due to the ‘story’ a Human has concocted around their uniqueness.  We recommend you do the same!

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