The Psychosis of Physical Body Sensitivities

We, the Mountains of the World, realize Our last communication may have created a bit of angst for those Hybrids being challenged by the Conscious OBEs.  For this reason, We now wish to address a more mundane aspect of your Hybrid Psychosis of Self…your shifting sensitivities to all that supports the physical body you inhabit.

The types of support We are referring to include food, sleep, connection with other Beings (specifically Humans in this context) and more.  We are referring to all that affects how your body feels…how it responds to the external stimuli beyond itself. 

You will find, as you become more and more aware and awake AND as the frequency shifts continue, that your body will begin responding differently to different stimuli. 

Examples include:

  • Needing less sleep/needing more sleep
  • Craving certain foods/being mildly repelled by foods you may have previously craved
  • Feeling more or less comfortable in groups and alone
  • And the list goes on and on

We believe it is very valuable to bring the possibility of these changes in Physical Body Sensations to your awareness as indicators of your awakening. 

Please note…not all Hybrids have all (or even a few) of these Physical Body Sensation changes.  Some may have so few they don’t notice…while others may feel like you are a different person entirely.

The sensitivities are unique to you each; the timing is unique to you each; the degree of impact is unique to you each. What is consistent is their message!

Enjoy the message.

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