No One Messes with a Mountain!

Imagine you have been invited to join a council meeting of mountains; eight in total representing eight of the mightiest mountain ranges of the world; and you have been invited to join.

Observe how it feels, the small physical you, sitting in a circle of eight mighty mountains.

Listen to their murmurs of things past and things to come; add your own wisdom and knowing.

Notice a sudden change of energy as it sweeps through this sacred circle of mountains, and wonder at what this sudden energy shift might mean.

Feel yourself being lifted up by a ‘flake’ of the mountain to your left and nestled in its heart center; experience the apprehension of being held so high and helpless; nestle into the warmth and power of this mighty mountain; enjoy being gently set back down when the energy shift is past.

And hear yourself asking…’What was that?’ and know that you are told it is an energy that does not belong on earth at this time.

Ask why the mountains were not impacted and hear the response: No One Messes With A Mountain!

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