The Patterns of Your Life

The ancient Appalachians speak about the mandala of each life…..

soul mandala 2014Consider the possibility that each of your have a life pattern, a mandala, a schematic predetermined at your soul level;

Each of these patterns are unique for each soul’s iteration and unique for each soul;

Each pattern is a soul blueprint…this is what is referred to as ‘destiny’.

Within each pattern there are the seven major areas of life each reflected by a dominant frequency expressed through color;

The choices of color within the frequency of the element on the pattern is what is referred to as ‘free will’.

Ponder the possibility that you each are always living within your soul blueprint for it is a constant in this earth iteration;

Then contemplate the color frequencies you are choosing as you live your blueprint.

At the soul level you created your blueprint…at the physical level you create the frequency through which you experience your blueprint.

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