Mental Distractions

Are you feeling distracted these days?

There are two types of distractions you humans engage in as far as We, The Mountains, can discern.

The first type of distraction is Mental Distraction.

Mental distraction seems to be necessary in the human existence. The types have changed over the millenniums while the necessity for mental distractions has remained.

Mental distractions include your daily job, driving the kids to soccer games, following sports, playing video games, watching television, etc, etc, etc.

Providing food and shelter and community are the intended outcomes of mental distraction.

These distractions, when kept in balance and positive mode, are necessary for human existence.

What We have noticed is that the vast majority of humanity uses mental distractions to distract themselves from their cosmic connection.

Cosmic Distractions are now becoming a force to be reckoned with!

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