Finding Your Balance

Have you found your balance?

Are you aware of what it feel like when you are ‘in balance’?

As We, The Mountains, observe you humans, it appears you are mostly ‘out of balance’.

It appears to Us that you are more attracted to Mother Earth and not as connected to Father Sky.

Both are supreme beings. Both bring interesting aspects to life.

Both are more powerful when in balance with the other.

If We may, We notice when you are more aligned to Mother Earth, you tend to play in the status quo…not bad…and not nearly where you could be playing.

And, if We may, when you are more aligned to Father Sky, you tend to have more epiphanies, more insights, more enlightenment…all well and good.

Both situations are beneficial for a stellar living….and are even more beneficial when in balance.

Find your balance and you will discover an amazing living…a stellare living.

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