On Being You

We, The Mountains of The World, have a question for you….

Why do you continually want to live somewhere else; look like someone else; and even be someone else?

Do you not understand that the You that You Are is here now because the earth balance needs the You that You Are?

The earth balance does not need more of the other individuals.

The earth balance needs each individual to be the individual they came to earth to be now…in this lifetime…under these frequency circumstances.

Do you not understand how each movement of your mind, body and spirit are integrally woven into the space-time continuum?

Do you not understand that the frequency You uniquely bring to the world is all that is keeping the ‘wolf from the door’ of human evolution? (Metaphorically speaking of course.)

If You were to focus as much energy into becoming You as you seem to do in becoming someone else the earth and it’s balance would be greatly enriched…

As would You.

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