Your First Change

We, The Mountains of the World, would like you to focus on your first change during this time of significant change.

We would like you to view this change as if it were your first step into a new world.
Think of how a baby, learning to walk, revels in his/her first step…his/her first ability to move more freely about the world.

Consider your first change as a first step toward your new possibilities.
Do not underestimate the impact of this, your first change.
Do not chide yourself if it is not spectacular in your eyes.
Be as the baby who delights in his/her first steps toward more freedom of movement.

Delight – Acknowledge – Then engage your second change…your second step…keeping in mind the possibilities these small changes are bringing to your life as each baby steps brings to a child.

Enjoy your first change, not necessarily for the change itself, rather for the larger change it portends.

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