Living In Your World…Operating Outside Your World

You have heard it recently said….’live in your world while not being of your world.’

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to provide a bit of an explanation and tips on how to accomplish such.

You are in the world you and your soul chose to experience during this earth iteration.

A part of your soul experiencing is to live like others with all of the drama and tension and health concerns such living brings.

It is now time, due to the shifts which are upon the Earth plane, to begin living in the world and living differently.

How does one live differently?

We would like to provide the following tips:

Consider responding differently to stimuli from others – friendlier or foe-er – your choice;

Act from your soul’s perspective which may be very different from your ego perspective;

Interact with the Lumans for new perspective and possibilities thinking;

Feel free to sing and dance while others are worrying their life away;

And if you perceive Us, the Mountains of the World, singing and dancing consider yourself honored by The All.

Those are some of Our tips…more later.

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