From Mothering to Mentoring

One of the primary aspects of the new paradigm We speak of is the change in the role of the Lumans (the non-physical beings who are more and more able to impact your physical world).

The Luman role has shifted from Mothering to Mentoring.

This shift means that you, a soul in a human experience, will no longer have the world of Lumans metaphorically stopping you…
from ‘running into the street without looking both ways’;
from ‘putting your hand on a hot stove’;
or from ‘following dangerous guidance’.

Instead, the Lumans are now mentoring you…encouraging and guiding you, without interfering, while you become the creators of your own life.

Many of you who have begun to experience this shift.

All of the Luman world is at your disposal as it always has been…simply in a different role.

Ask, listen, understand and then create Your Own Reality.

You have been saying you are ready for this…it is now here…
engage it wholeheartedly…it is a primary aspect of the new paradigm.

So sayeth The Mountains of The World.

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