Perceiving the Impossible

All that you deem impossible is within your own perception.

Extreme (X) sports are, for the most of you, considered impossible.
And yet you view others on your television screen as they engage in them and clearly consider them possible.

We say again: What you deem impossible is in your own perception.

We, the Mountains of the World, tell you that now is the time to review all that you deem impossible and consider which of those perceptions no longer support you and your living in this new paradigm.

Is co-creating your own life impossible?

Is connecting with the energies of The Universe impossible?

Is believing in yourself and your possibilities impossible?

Begin to review all that you perceive impossible as your perceptions of impossible may create difficulties for you in the new paradigm.

This is an additional step as you move into the new paradigm.

So says We, the Mountains of the World.

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