A Uniqueness of Trusting

We, The Mountains of the World, ask you to notice who, what, and why you trust.

Trust is an integral part of any advanced evolution.

Without Trust there can be little to no advancement.

It is not only What you Trust and Who you Trust…it is also Why you trust.

This unique new element to the Trust Trio is most important.

If you Trust because:
You were told to Trust..it is the way to enlightenment,
You want to Trust,
You believe you ‘should’ Trust…
Your outcome through Trusting will be most unsettling.

If you Trust because Trusting is the only response in a situation that makes sense…your outcome will be most satisfying.

When you allow yourself to shift to this type of Trusting…pure, complete, without hooks…
then you will Trust as We, The Mountains, Trust;
then you will enter the unique arena of Trust that ‘moves mountains’!

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