What You Ask For…

We, The Mountains of The World, request that you notice what you ask for.

We request you notice not from a left-brained perspective…a perspective schooled in the manner of earth creating.

We request you notice from the perspective of the mindful individual…the individual who listens to the requests continually going forth from your Creative Self, your Soul Self.

Know that the Lumans of the Cosmos always responding to the Creative Self.
The Self connected to the Cosmos.
The Self who understands the greater meaning of ‘You’.
the Self intent of accomplishing your earth objectives…
whatever they may be.

Become in touch with your Creative Self.
Understand what You are continually requesting.
Change the request if you desire…maintaining alignment with your earth objectives.

We, The Mountains of the World, remind you that the Lumans of the Cosmos respond to requests from Your Creative Self.

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