Believe in Your Balance

We, The Mountains of the World, also encourage you, at this time of transition and therefore chaos, to Believe in Your Balance.

What do We mean by this? What does it mean to Believe in Your Balance?

By this phrase, We are reminding you that your home is not Earth…rather it is a celestial location in alignment with The Divine/The All.

Therefore, no matter how chaotic the Earth plane becomes, you can return to your center, your Balance, by simply remembering from whence you came.

Using this phrase when the chaos begins to undermine your sense of well-being and connectedness to The All reminds you that all is in perfect balance, including you.

Chaos is simply a tool used during times of transition and great change to keep folks from noticing what is happening…in this way, the awakening can occur with less interference.

We realize this may sound bit counter-intuitive and it is accurate none-the-less.

Believe in Your Balance…Remember your Center…Connect with Universal Consciousness and The Divine/The All.

This is a most powerful tool to use during these times of transition.

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