Consider Your Cravings

We, The Mountains of The World, recommend you consider that which you are craving during these times of change.

If you are craving that which will bring enlightenment and greater awareness…go for it!

If you are craving a place to hide and be safe, understand clearly that such a location does not exist!

If you are craving acceptance and acknowledgement, We believe you have lowered your vibration to ‘fit in’ with the chaotic craving which has no end and no positive outcome!

We recommend you focus your craving (for you will encounter the aspects of craving) on those areas of change and transition that assist you in reaching a higher vibration no matter the inconvenience and difficulty.

We recommend you shy away from the cravings that direct you toward ‘group thinking’ and ‘the new normal’….such do not support awakening and advancement.

Consider that which you are craving…
Your cravings provide information on your frequency and your path toward growth OR deterioration.

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