From Me…to We…to All

We, The Mountains of the World, would like to explain the evolution process of a soul in a physical existence.

We thought it valuable to explain this process in three (3) simple stages.

The three (3) stages are not linear as each soul has the ability to evolve in one area of life at a faster or slower pace than another area of life.

Stage 1: Me.
In this stage the focus is on I, Me and My.

This is the stage most souls in a physical existence are caught in the longest, potentially for a full earth iteration.

This is a third dimensional stage.

Stage 2: We.
This is the stage where the focus shifts to the awareness of Soul or Spirit Team…more of a We focus.

This stage has many developmental paths, all leading to the awareness that there are other entities in the world. Further development in this stage leads to an awareness that life extends beyond the traditional three dimensions.

In this stage a We awareness develops which allows for access to additional life information.

Stage 3: All
This is the stage of inclusion. From the awareness of We to All is a decided leap of understanding and typically happens even more slowly than the transition from Me to We.

This stage involves an awareness that All souls and entities are interlinked and involved…All are interlinked.

Individual souls in this final stage are not often found on the Earth Plane. And, that said, many of you are beginning the journey from We to All.

We (We mean All) congratulate you.

So saith The Mountains of The World

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