Further Information on The Hybrid Grid

With the understanding you are beginning to acquire about yourself through your selection of birth date, We, the Mountains of the World, feel ready to explain more about the Hybrid Grid and how to easily relate to the Grid Quadrant of your talent aspects.

The Hybrid Grid Quadrants:

  • First Quadrant (lower left) – Red Fox (2) and  Honey Bee (4)
  • Second Quadrant  (lower right) – Deer (6) and Monkey (5)
  • Third Quadrant (upper left) – Seal (3), Whale (7), and Tiger (9)
  • Fourth Quadrant (upper right) – Elephant (10), Bison (8), and Hawk (11)

These animals and number relate to the traditional Path and Gift of Path positions within your numerology Soul or Animal Blueprint.

The Path position, which portrays your purpose for this earth iteration, can be calculated by adding your birth day, month and year.

The Gift of Path position, which portrays how you have chosen to assist yourself along your path, can be calculated by adding the last two digits of the number you arrived at when you calculate your Path number, before you reduced it to a two digit number.

This means that many of you have talents which are effective in more than one quadrant of the Hybrid Grid.  For those of you with your Path and Gift of Path animals together in one of the quadrants, this indicates you are very effective in one of the aspects of each Hybrid talent.

There is yet a third numerology position which is unique to Hybrids and not found in any of the traditional writing as We are just now bringing this Hybrid information to the earth plane.

We recommend you identify your Path and Gift of Path utilizing the animals that relate to your numbers as they tell you a great deal about yourself and your abilities or aspects of the one Hybrid talent We have described thus far.


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