Who are Hybrids?

We, the Mountains of the World, have reviewed the definition of a Hybrid and the Hybrid Grid.  And, We hope you have identified the quadrant or quadrants of the grid, based upon your Path, Gift of Path, and Hybrid numerology.

This information provides you with the information on how you, as a Hybrid Soul, intend to optimize the various Hybrid traits, some of which We have explained and many more that We will be explaining in the future.

We would now like to review the traits which differentiate Hybrids from Humans.

As a Hybrid:

  • You are aware that you think and perceive the world very differently from your Human counterparts. This difference may have caused to you worry in the past…now it provides you with an awareness of your Hybridness;
  • You perceive life from a more illuminated perspective which allows you to be the bridge between Humans and Lumans, the illuminated beings;
  • You often feel very disenfranchised on the Earth plane…You feel like you don’t fit;
  • You know, without knowing how you know, that you have talents others do not have.  Your talents have most likely caused to a bit of concern when you perceived you were a human.;
  • Hybrids comprise approximately 15% of the ‘people’ on the earth plane at this time. Then why do you feel so alone?  Many are not yet awake to their Hybridness.

If you align to any and all of these traits, you most likely are a Hybrid!  As a Hybrid, you have a distinctive role to play during this time of transition.

We, the Mountains of the World, honor You!  We support your role as a Hybrid!

And We ask you to ‘Keep Your Faith in The All…Your Knowing is Aligned!’

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