Hybrids and Halloween!

Hybrids, especially those who are choosing to not become aware of themselves as a Hybrid, may well find the energy of Halloween highly disconcerting.

Halloween, also known as All Hallows Eve, is a very significant energy time. It is a time when Lumans, ET’s  and members of the Angelic Realm are able to make their presence known to those with Luman Soul DNA (Hybrids).

As Halloween nears, your Hybrid Soul DNA uniqueness will quite likely create a sense of concern…wondering which world you are living in as well as a sense of multiple personalities and multiple perspectives.

Know these feelings and awarenesses are confirmation of your Hybrid-ness!

During this energy time, the ‘fabric’ between the dimensions is very thin.  This allows those who are ‘wired’ to connect with the Luman/Angelic/Extraterrestrial beings to do so with ease.  And for those Beings to reach out to the Hybrids on the Earth Plane.

Enjoy this time.  Your Hybrid knowing is opening wider and wider.

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