A New Breed of Lumen

We, The Mountains of the World, think it wise to take a break from focusing on the Hybrid you to advise you of a new development in the Cosmos…or rather a new development on the Earth plane.

Specifically, there is a new type of Luman joining the Earth plane.  Well, not really.  Better said, there is a new type of Luman joining the Earth plane in a human looking manner.

These souls have been on the Earth plane for a very long time – some since the creation of the Earth plane as an evolution location.  

  • Some have been in one incarnation as a Mountain (that would be some of Us);  
  • Some have been in a transitionary incarnation as a water drop…sometimes in the ocean, the seas, the air;
  • Some have been in a transitionary incarnation as a plant that first lives below the crust of the Earth, then above, then below, etc. coming back as different plants in different locations.

These unique Lumen have been absorbing the differences in the frequency as the Earth plane has evolved and are now ready to begin affecting the change in the ‘Human perspective’ more directly…as appearing Human.

For those of you who have the agenda of assisting them, know that this new type is well versed on the events  (the data points, if you will) of the Earth plane and not so well versed on the emotions or psychology these events created.

We, the Mountains of the World, ask you to take them in hand and educate them to the emotional and psychological perspectives.  They need this to be truly affective.

And We Thank You.

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