Optimizing the Psychosis of Your-Self

Again, We, the Mountains of the World, thank you for awakening to your Hybrid Self.  We experience, through your thoughts and actions, the challenges this acceptance has caused many of you.  This is why We have been asked by The Divine/The All to assist you in understanding the process you and your fellow Hybrids are experiencing.

Types of experiences – time warps; unexplained information; clairvoyance; clairaudience; expanded awareness; energy ‘hits’; out-of-body experiences while awake; food sensitivities; food alignments; different bodily needs; disengagement with ‘humanity’; engagement with ‘the ethers’ and more.

We will address each of these in turn.  Not all will affect all of you and none will affect any of you in the same manner although some may be more ‘common’ than others.

Remember to relax…breath…consider the possibilities…and anticipate further explanations.

Let Us begin!

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