More Optimizing the Psychosis of Expanded Awareness

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to expand further on your expanded awareness. 

Knowing you have this expanded awareness can be a bit ‘overwhelming’.  If you find yourself wanting to manipulate information and the future, know you are falling into a Human Ego paradigm.  Don’t do this…it will only backfire on you!

By spending the time to accept all We have shared, you will become of much greater service to The Divine/The All.  In addition, accepting this new reality as an element of your Hybrid-ness, you will minimize your likelihood of engaging your human ego. 

Both of these outcomes are very worth the time spent to:

  • Accept the non-linear reality of time and what you would have previously called ‘time warps’ as simply your ability to connect to different time-space moments.
  • Appreciate the information being provided and practice aligning this information into a more linear flow.  This practice allows you to better understand the information as you will be able to compare what you thought the information was sharing and the eventual human linear outcome of the information.
  • Align your ‘Claire’ information to the non-linear reality and the information provided without engaging your human ego, thus assisting The Divine/The All as the Hybrid you are.

The information is simple…living the information through a human brain can be more challenging.  Call upon Us when you feel most confused or frustrated.

We support the continued expansion into your Hybrid self!

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