Optimizing the Psychosis of Conscious ‘OBE’

OBE…Out of Body Experience. 

Conscious ‘OBE’ simply means your out of body experiences are not just occurring during your sleep time (when you can easily ignore or disregard them), they are occurring during your awake times. 

For many of you this may be creating a challenge for the human aspect of your conscious brain.  For some the challenge is greater…for some much less…and for a few, truly enjoyable. 

Being able to enjoy your earth experience from the perspective of both your physical body and of your non-physical body is a bit dauting AND a way to access a great deal of information simultaneously.

Conscious OBEs will continue to occur as the frequency shifts.  They are a mechanism intended to support you with a wider knowing…an enhanced perspective.

We ask you to reflect on the conscious OBEs you have experienced recently; to relax if you are defining them as ‘scary’; and to be prepared for more communication on this topic.

Thank you…The Mountains of the World.

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