How is Everything Perfect????

We, the Mountains of the World, here you asking…’How can you say everything is perfect? From our perspective, the world is a jumbled mess!!!’

We tell you all is perfect on the macro.  On the macro, the Universe is totally in charge. 

On the micro, the Earth plane may well be a jumbled mess due to the influence of evolving souls. 

As an Aware and Awake (A&A) Hybrid, having faith in the Universe allows you to know that all is perfect on the macro.  From that position you, the Hybrid you, can begin to take the steps you deem necessary to assist the Universe in aligning the micro to the macro. 

Having faith is made easier when you relieve yourself of your human tendencies, your human programming, which includes programming from a 3rd dimensional perspective. 

  • By adjusting your alignment to a multi-dimensional perspective.
  • By releasing your human programming of right and wrong.
  • By engaging your Hybrid knowing, that deep knowing which exists in the Hybrid you and is accessible to you at any time.
  • And By viewing micro events from the perspective that they are assisting the Universe in moving toward the macro perfection.

You are able to optimize your Hybrid skills and talents to assist the Universe, Gaia, and all beings on the Earth plane.

The other option is to revert to your Human self, bemoan the state of affairs, and be a victim to the human micro perspective.

We recommend you choose your Hybrid perspective and become a supportive force in the transition.

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