Negotiating with Lumans

We, The Mountains, introduced you to Lumans, those beings whom you consider non-physical who walk amongst you and support you in your evolution on planet Earth.

After such introduction, We noticed you putting these Lumans on pedestals such as they have never known before.

We recommend you allow them off their pedestals so they may return to their cosmic duties…supporting you in your evolution.

And, was you evolve, you have every right to renegotiate with the Lumans who are supporting you…much as you renegotiated with your parents as you grew up.

You did not allow your parents to continue to treat you as a child while you were becoming an adolescent (although some of you may not have earned the right…just saying).

Why would you allow Lumans to continue to treat you as less developed beings?

You are evolving at a very fast pace during this time in your evolution.

So, Negotiate…Renegotiate…Negotiate…and Renegotiate!

Step into your power.

You will all be the better for the relationship shift.

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