Leaving Your Status Quo

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to share a bit about status quo during this time of great shift.

In Our perception, status quo is a less-than-desirable energy in which to hold your possibilities.

Status quo aligns to the lowest denominator, the lowest frequency, which you surround yourself.

Status quo keeps you engaged in a never-ending cycle of low-frequency.

We recommend you consider leaving your status quo (yes, each of you have your own) and branch out to the higher frequencies that are now available and waiting for you.

We recommend you practice joy and delight and expanded possibilities, becoming accustomed to what is available, regardless of what those around you reach for and experience.

We recommend you reach for all that you have desired in the hidden recesses of your heart and allow all to come to fruition in your life.

We recommend you practice, even for a few moments each day, leaving your status quo.

Life will be much more colorful, joyful, warm and loving when you do. That is Our experience.

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