The Burdens You Bear

Hello again, its Us…The Mountains of the World. And We have a question.

What is it about burdens that is so valuable for humans?

We see you each carrying burdens of all kinds.
We see you energetically and physically staggering under the weight of your burdens.

And We wonder….
Is there value to carrying burdens?
Is there reason for carrying burdens?
Or are you just used to carrying burdens?

If there is no value (which We suspect), and no reason (We suspect this to be the case also); then it must be that you are simply used to carrying burdens. Somehow you have identified yourself by the burdens you bear.

We highly recommend you set them down these burdens.
You don’t have to bury them or create ceremony around them.
Just set them down and walk on, upright and without their energetic drain.

That’s All.

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