Regarding Your Soul Team

We, The Mountains of the World, would like to discuss what We perceive to be a misconception about your Soul Teams.

We shall start at the beginning.

You each have a Soul Team made up of 8 – 10 Souls, you included.

Each Soul Team has a common soul evolution objective with some individual soul work specific to each member.

Each Soul Team is made up of Souls whose intention is to evolve…as your soul’s intention is to evolve.

As the Soul on the earth plane, you are in a powerful position as no evolution occurs without physical experiencing and you are ‘the experiencer’ for your Soul Team.

The other members of your Soul Team have the powerful position of perspective, the 10,000 foot view…which the soul on the earth plane lacks.

None of you are omnipotent!

You are all evolving – each in your own way – each with your own skills and contributions – each with your own soul agenda – and all with a common soul objective.

We repeat – None of you are omnipotent!

This has been the misconception we have been witnessing.

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