Engaging Your Soul Team

Hello again from The Mountains of the World.

With the information We provided about your Soul Team, We would like to now provide some additional insight into contemplating your Soul Team and how to engage Your Team.

Specifically, think of your Soul Team as any other team you have been a part of – whether a sports team or a business team.

Each member has their unique skill set to add to the Team.

Each member has their own personality which, at times, needs to be adjusted to remain in alignment with The Team and the mutual agenda of The Team.

Each member can have a ‘bad day’, get sloppy, become bored, other occupied, etc.

As the member for whom time is an issue (not so much for those in soul space), it is your responsibility to keep The Team moving forward by discerning the difference between ‘Divine Timing’ and ‘laziness on the part of Team members’.

You are the Team Coordinator.

You are the only one for whom time and space are an issue.

You are the only one having to deal with earth issues like food, clothing, money, etc.

You are the Team Coordinator.

We highly encourage the vast majority of you to step into this role.

We know it will make a significant difference in your earth experience and your soul’s evolution when you do.

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