In Favor of Worry

We, The Mountains of The World, would like to say a few words in favor of worry.

Staying in – holding to – or becoming one with worry is not beneficial!
And yet, Worry does have a very strategic yet misunderstood purpose.

Therefore, We would like to clarify and reset the perceptions and process of worry.

Worry is an essence intended to ask of you what desired outcome you would like for a particular situation.

Worry causes you to spend time considering the situation and the potential ramifications.

Notice what you worry about – identify your desired outcome to the worry – clearly state your intentions once you are clear – be attentive to any actions The Universe asks you to take in achieving your desired outcome – take those actions – and move on.

The energy of worry is only beneficial to the point of bringing forth a possible concern and taking any suggested actions to created the desired outcome.

Once these actions are taken, further worry only restricts the possibility of the desired outcome being achieved.

We recommend you begin to utilize worry in its intended manner and watch amazing results unfold.

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