The True Value of Answers

We, The Mountains of The World, would like to say a few words about the true value of answers.

We believe you are challenged as to the value…the true value of answers!

You all seem to strive for answers…in fact, you believe there is a ‘correct’ answer…how silly.

An answer limits the possibilities when there is no need to limit!

An answer locks in your future next steps whether they are accurate or not!

Lessen your need for answers and begin to play in the possibilities of the situation.
Take steps forward with the awareness that the direction you are headed is a possibility only and may change at any moment.
Release the need to know you are ‘on the path’ (to what We don’t know).

This approach leaves The Universe more able to bring in the most dynamic possibilities and future.

Are more dynamic future possibilities worth releasing your need to ‘know the answer’?

Only you know that answer. (a bit of Mountain humor)

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